LT. BARRY T. CAMPBELL - Sleepy Hollow Police Dept.

Barry Campbell grew up in White plains, graduating from the White Plains High School in 1982. Upon completion of High School, he attended Southern Connecticut State University. While attending the University he excelled in football and academics.
In 1986, he was called to the White Plains PD to accept the position of Police Officer. He worked for the City of White Plains for 18 months before transferring to the Sleepy Hollow Police Dept., formerly the North Tarrytown Police Dept. There he remained in patrol, performing various police functions, such as investiga­tions, traffic details, etc.
In October 1 997, he was promoted to sergeant. His duties included training supervisors, community policing, and initiat­ing a bike unit, in which he was supervisor. In November of 2000, he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant. There he has the responsibility of administrative and patrol duties.
He is the father of one child, Tori Campbell, who resides in Bergen, Norway. He is currently an active member of the Westchester-Rockland Guardians Association

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