HONORABLE LOIS TAPLIN BRONZ - County Legislator for District 8

Democrat Lois Taplin Bronz is the County Legislator for District 8 representing Sleepy, Hollow, Tarrytown, Elmsford, part of unincorporated Greenburgh and part of White Plains.
This is her eleventh year as a. legislator including four years as Vice-Chair, and two years as Chair of the Board of Legislators for the 2002-2004 term. Her election as Chair was historically significant because she was the first woman and the first person of African descent to lead the Board of Legislators. She currently serves as Chair of the Housing Committee, and she is a member of the Budget and Appropriations Committee, the Committee on Cultural and Ethnic Diversity, the Legislation Committee, the Committee on Seniors, the Committee on Families, and the Committee on Community Affairs.
Legislator Bronz grew up in the volatile times of Huey Long's Louisiana. The ninth of ten children in the family, her special household chore was reading the newspaper to her father who could not read. "His interest in politics stirred in me a healthy curiosity in politics and an avid advocacy for citizen participation in government," she says. She became active in voter registration and founded the League of Good Government in New Orleans. She received her bachelor's degree from Xavier University and a master's degree in education from Wayne State University.
As a widow with three young children, Bronz met and married Chuck Bronz of New York and moved to Greenburgh. She taught math in the public schools in Greenburgh and became active in the community. Her political career began in 1973 when she ran for the Town Board. Sixteen years as an effective and active member of the Town Board led to her candidacy and election to the Board of Legislators in 1993.
Legislator Bronz is most proud of her leadership in getting the landmark legislation passed that created the Westchester County Human Rights Commission. She considers "affordable housing" her middle name because she has been so active in that issue for so long. She is proud of her long time and continuing work in several other important areas: her service for families addressing such issues as child abuse, domestic violence and childhood trauma in violent homes; her strong support for County acquisition of open spaces and parks; and her consistent advocacy for adult day care.
Lois Bronz, County Legislator and grandmother, busy community activist and political leader, maintains her hallmark style of open, accessible representation and welcomes hearing from all Westchester constituents.

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