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Today In History

On 11/18:
1977 - Robert Edward Chambliss, former KKK member, convicted of first degree murder in connection with 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL

1978 - Andrew Young receives Springarn Award in recognition of the deftness with which he handled relations between this nation and other countries

1993 - Black and White leaders in South Africa approve new democracy constitution that gave blacks the vote and ended white minority rule

For Inspiration

Our only hope is to control the vote

Medger Evers

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  • Wade Hardy to Lieutenant
  • Desmond Martin to Lieutenant
  • Coby Powell to Sergeant
  • Diana Warren to Sergeant
  • Howard Tribble to Sergeant
  • Cynthia Hood to Detective Sergeant
  • Jason Perry to Detective
  • Marcus Mack to Sergeant
  • Norman Hall to Sergeant
  • Ellis Christmas to Detective


  • John Jackson
  • William Potts
  • Det. John Graves
  • Det/Sgt Cynthia Hood
  • Jerome Roache
  • Chief Terrance Raynor
  • Det Damon Yizar
  • Sgt Larry McKenzie
  • Kathy Howard
  • Keith Walker
  • Keith Walker
  • Lt. Wade Hardy
  • Larry Brown
  • Gwen Partlow
  • Kathy Howard
  • Jimmy Warren
  • Sgt Diana Warren
  • Det/Sgt Paul Hood
  • Gwendolyn Partlow
  • Wade Hardy
  • Sgt. Paul Hood
  • Sgt. Diana Warren
  • Chief Jimmy Warren


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