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1793 - Birthdate of Benjamin Banneker

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The only protection against injustice in man is power -- physical, financial, and scientific.

Marcus Garvey

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The Guardians were organized in 1962 and later incorporated in 1965 to become The Westchester Guardians Association, Inc. 1967 saw the organization expand to include law enforcement officers from Rockland Counties and become known by its present name, The Westchester/Rockland Guardians Association.

The first President of the Guardians was the late, retired Lt. James A. Barrier of the Yonkers Police Department.

The Guardians formed to provide a base for minority officers to address their needs and have representation. Members are asked to be productive members of their departments, role models in their communities and to work to better the conditions of all law enforcement personnel.

To date, the organization provides scholarships to minority youth, donations to the Ruth Taylor Institute, provides speakers to schools and community groups, brings disadvantaged youth from group homes together, is involved in law suits regarding minority hiring and speaks with various departments on behalf of minority officers. Several community organizations have also used the organization as security for their various functions.

We pledge to remain active in the community, seek redress when needed and provide leadership for the youth of Westchester and Rockland Counties.

The support given to us by the community has enabled us to continue our struggle, and we thank all of you for your belief in us.

Together we stand and divided we fall. Together, we shall continue to make equality a fact of life.

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